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About Us

The web has changed the world !!!

The web has indeed shaped modern life !!!

I am Venkat Chinniah and also known as Unniyan Gears in Second Life (3d social networking), A seasoned web designer coupled with knowledge and experience in multimedia, animation and graphics. 20 years experience in IT industry as a consultant and coordinator in various fields such as DTP, Multimedia, CD publishing, Web designing etc, focusing on internet concepts which have a higher level of automation resulting in self supporting applications.

I love my profession as a web designer…
Beauty in web design is a amalgamation of so many disciplines. Layout, Typography, Photography, video and the written word… for the most part it’s about conveying information in a direct way. The web’s sum is substantially greater than its parts. No one site stands as a landmark of design. They’ve changed how we interact with information, commerce and each other.
User and business form the classic duality of design. I am well accustomed to solving for the needs of both, making compromises and tradeoffs where appropriate. As reflective design is about meaning and message, I will never fear making statements. I will stand for something and convey ideals through my work: both mine and yours.
I am lucky enough to work on the coalface of the most exciting innovation of modern times.I am on the brink of wonderful things. So yes, I have underachieved, but given the evolution of beauty and the tools now available to me, the web is an ideal vehicle for me to achieve more. I am one among the generation to turn the promise into action.